Nory’s Home Services is a home health agency that offers behavioral health services to help children with Autism. Until now, the behavioral analysis industry has collected and managed data manually, relying on large amounts of paper forms for data collection and record management. The NHS platform has automated data collection, analytics, patient record entry, and employee management. It allows the agency to secure storage of all patient data electronically.


Web Application and iOS Mobile App

The Solution

Eepos designed and developed the NHS Web application and iOS data collection app to allow behavioral analysts to collect patient data in a real time while working directly with the patient. The Web admin panel allows for real time data visualization, initial assessment and reassessment completion, as well as management of employees and their assignment to patients.

The iOS mobile app allows for real time data collection by behavioral analysts and assistants. Because collected data is displayed in the Web admin panel in real-time, it allows behavioral health analysts to track the patient’s progress and make needed adjustments to a treatment plan with now delay for manual data analytics. All treatment adjusts are made in the platform and behavioral analysts and assistants are notified of any treatment modification instantaneously.

Both applications are hosted on a HIPAA compliant AWS cloud, are fully encrypted, and follow strict security rules.