Merge set out to better unifiy the social media industry. With so many different platforms, it is hard to keep track of your friends and family. Merge wanted to bring all your contact’s social media profiles together in one easy to use app.


iOS & Android App

The Solution

To unify user’s social media accounts, we created an iOS and Android mobile app, as well as a web platform for Merge. After sign up, a user can simply connect all their social media accounts to the platform and import all their contacts from their mobile device. Using our custom matching algorithms, Merge automatically identifies your friends and family to create your Merge contact list. Users can now easily view all the social media accounts of their friends and family with one click without having to toggle between multiple mobile apps. At the same time, Merge allows you to discover the social media accounts of all your favorite celebrities. Users can browse the discover section to find accounts you never knew existed.

The Merge app come with Facebook login and contact pulling, SMS verification, contact list sync, third party API integration to connect all your social media accounts, and profile sharing.