Although the mobile gaming industry is booming, it still faces many challenges. Mobile game apps required individual download and installation, tend to be large in size, and take up precious space on our mobile devices. Enter GameTrove. GameTrove wanted to revolutionize mobile gaming by providing users one mobile application containing hundreds of premium game titles that didn’t require individual game download.


iOS & Android App

The Solution

To solve this issue, GameTrove harnessed the power of HTML5 games. In their android and iOS applications, users have access to a curated library of hundreds of the best HTML5 games on the market. When clicked, the game loads in app with no install required. To better tailor your gaming experience, GameTrove learns from your game play to customize game recommendations. Users can easily favorite a game, share with their friends, or save it for later.

The GameTrove mobile app includes one-click social media sign in, custom user profiles, in-app gaming, real-time chat, personalized game recommendations based upon your gaming preferences, and game sharing with your friends.