Our process

At Eepos, we strive to deliver the highest quality mobile applications, web platforms, and custom software. That is why we combine modern Scrum methodologies, the latest in project management software, world-class UI/UX designs, and cutting edge programming languages to ensure the success of all our projects. Below we have outlined our process and how we work with you to develop a custom solution to help you grow your business.

01. Methodology

The old software engineering project management styles have become obsolete in today’s world. To better address the needs of our clients, we utilize the Scrum framework of Agile. Instead of using the old waterfall management style, we use an incremental, iterative process to build the best software possible for our customers.

02. Requirements Gathering

The initial step for any project is to gather requirements and create use cases. Requirement gathering is a critical first step in the planning of any development project. During this process, we meet face to face to discuss your business needs and the problem you want to solve. We then determine the features and functionality needed for a minimum viable product and some potential future developments.

03. Wireframe

The wireframing stage is where we take all the use cases and requirements and create a framework of the functionality, flow, and look of the software. During this stage, we work one-on-one with you to tailor the functionality to your specific needs. We often find that this process helps uncover new, innovative, ways to solve the problem at hand. Once you are happy with the wireframes, we begin designing the user interface to offer the best user experience possible.

04. Designing UI

Our team of world-class UI/UX designers turn the wireframes, requirements documents and use cases into sleek, intuitive designs tailored to the target audience. Because we have a full in-house design and branding team, we can adapt to the design needs of our clients easily. Our design expertise ranges from fun, playful social media and events apps to enterprise applications and scientific software. When it comes to design, we don’t rest until you are happy.

05. Development

The development begins very early in the process with project and server setup. With the outlined requirements, our developers plan what technologies will be necessary for the project technology stack. We determine what third-party tools are available to help save you money and what features need to be custom built. By the time the project designs are completed, a good portion of the backend development has already been completed. After frontend development and API integration, your project is ready for testing.

Our team offers a wide variety of programming languages and technologies to choose from. We combine these technologies to meet the unique challenges of each project. If you are interested in a particular language or technology, feel free to reach out to discuss your potential tech stack further.

06. Testing

The testing process begins while development is underway. All testing starts at the developer level. Developers review and test their work thoroughly before passing it to one of our quality assurance engineers. Our QA team uses a combination of hands on and fully automated testing to identify and address any issues quickly. We believe that testing is at the core of efficient software engineering and, as such, we make sure that it begins from day one.

Throughout the process we will send you various builds to go over. This gives you a good sense of the progress as well as ensures that the final product is exactly what you had in mind.

07. Deployment

Once our QA team has approved a release, it will be deployed by the development team. Our typical process involves the release of a minimum viable product, a beta release, and a final release. Once the project is ready for deployment, we deploy on the cloud or server of your choosing. In addition, when building mobile apps, our team handles the app submission process to the App Store or Google Play Store for approval. We also offer maintenance services after deployment so the clients don’t have to worry about those details and can focus on growing their businesses.

The Team

James Termini, PhD

Managing Partner/Co-Founder

James completed his PhD from the University of Miami in 2013. Since he has founded several tech startups in the life science and biomedical fields. At Eepos, James oversees client relations, marketing, and project oversight.

Niraj Shrestha, PhD

Managing Partner/Co-Founder

Niraj completed his PhD from the University of Miami in 2012. After his PhD, he co-founded a double-sided market place for the medical field before co-founding Eepos with James and Narayan. At Eepos, Niraj handles business management and operations.

Narayan Basnet, M.S.

Chief Technology Officer/Co-Founder

Narayan Basnet received his Master’s degree and a Post Graduate Certificate in Computer Science. At Eepos, Narayan serves as the Chief Technology Officer and is in charge of team management, technical design and project oversight.